Updating two tables in oracle

23-Dec-2017 00:17

What I want to do is either insert only the new rows, or insert the new rows and update the changed rows (depending on the scenario). If I want to insert only the rows that will not violate the unique index, I can: Which method to use largely depends on requirements.

If the software must support multiple database backends or versions, perhaps the generic, standard queries are the best bet.

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I have to start with one spreadsheet, then insert and/or update the differences from the others.Any data that violates any unique index will cause the same problem. For example, I might export some data to a spreadsheet, send it to a client, and the client might update or add some data and return the spreadsheet to me.That’s a terrible way to update data, but for various reasons, I’m sure many readers have found themselves in a similar situation.As in life, the most important thing is to find a good balance and determine which criteria really matter.

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A suggestion: rather than check for existence insert/update, it’s usually more efficient to do it one of these ways: 1.