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17-Jul-2017 02:06

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While it can certainly be awkward to talk about sex with your teen, they will get their information somehow — from their friends, or worse, the Internet. Use popular culture references such as viral videos or entertainment headlines (such as Miley Cyrus last fall at the VMA awards) as opportunities to discuss issues about sexuality, modesty, and body image.Teens hear a lot about sex, but they don't often hear that it is holy and beautiful, and that God made us to desire and enjoy it.Girls experimenting with beauty are enjoying their femininity, and guys who want to work out are pursing a worthy goal. rather, they should seek to honor God with their bodies (1 Cor. Your teen is an expert on what's out there online, so let her teach you.Do you know how your teen portrays herself on social media sites? With the heavy amounts of time teens spend online, whether by computer, tablet, or phone, being part of your teenager's world can help you know when to challenge her about her decisions, and guide her in a good direction.They need real, honest conversations with adults about purity in relationships.Approximately one-half of all high school students have had sex, and 15 percent of high school students have had sex with four or more partners.An adult can legally have sex with a 16- or 17-year-old in Indiana, but sending a nude photo to a teen of the same age is illegal, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled. Thakar, of Fishers, will face trial on one felony count of disseminating matter harmful to a minor, a charge originally dismissed last year. The FBI notified the Fishers Police Department of the incident.

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