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21-Oct-2017 00:06

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The narrative was not very amusing, a fast food romance.

Michael Rady as Kevin was flat and the sequence with the studio executives was pedestrian.

, Disney built an entire franchise around her with great results, propelling her to the top of the Teen Idol heap and making her loved by many, many thousands of girls across the globe.

Along with the show, she also performed as Hannah Montana and soon after embarked on her own solo music and acting career without the Hannah persona.

Actress Shantel Van Santen quit the production after the first day of filming due to disagreements with the director over her character.

Actress Abby Wathen replaced her in the role of Laura.

She could educate me about Georgia O'Keefe vagina paintings, then heat me up a batch o' vein candy any day!

Took a Hotter and Sexier turn in 2013, and this has gotten loads of press coverage.

Cyrus has sold an estimated twenty million albums worldwide to date.

Laura, played by Abby Wathen, teased with potential but could not muster enough without the hook of her roommate, Meghan Markle who sparkled as Mindy, offering the only real laughs throughout the movie, salvaging it from being flat out awful.

The tie in to the talk show interview with the "Laws of Attraction" thread was sophomoric and hard to watch especially the scene as the credits rolled.See full summary » This films takes you through a night of partying in L. Funny & somewhat outrageous, gives partiers helpful tips about which substances should not be mixed,, how to approach potential ...