Step by step dating flash game

06-Oct-2017 09:30

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i like how they expanding the game the story line was great love the twist at the end i was wondering if theres a good ending.

See you soon.rn--Go to Mistys place--rn--Go to Mistys House--rn Shit. rn--Leave Office--rn--Back to Reception--rn Ahhh... like the game graphics are not as good as lesson of passion, imagine if lesson of passion built a game like this.

See you soon.rn(I should start bringing tissues to work)rn(or a sock... not a sock)[Peek Available]rn Do I know you from somewhere?

She was a real I bet you got up to some kinky stuff Well what did you mean?

now lets see Wait for You think this is really funny dont Ah sure. rn What a Wow that is a lot of I will give you the No Thats what employers like to hear.

rn Ok.rn--Go to the Physio or the Gym--rn--Go to the Physio--rn Really productive...

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[Peek Available]rn(Put clipboard in lap to hide any embarrasment) [Peek Available]rn(I get the feeling I should have worn the tight underpants today)rn(Try to follow casually while holding the clipboard in front of you)rn Thank you.rn(Give her the clipboard)rn I stepped backward off a ladder but I wasn`t on the bottom rung.

Time to go home.rn--Go to Mistys place--rn--Go to Mistys House--rn Sure.

I better get my knee It is actually feeling You`re the boss.

Another show)rn(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]rn(My thoughts exactly) [Peek Available]rn(Keep Watching)rn(Wow)rn(Keep Watching)rn(Keep Watching) [Peek Available]rn(The guy is reading my mind)rn(Keep Watching)rn(I wonder how she takes that)rn(Thats a shame)rn(Keep Watching)rn(Keep Watching) [Animation Available]rn(Keep Watching)rn(Why am I always on the wrong side of the glass) [Animation Available]rn SHIT! So i wish that can be little bit happines endig like all tree take the money and run a why from the city.

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Good night you two.rn--Leave the Physio--rn--Back to Map--rn--Next Map--rn--Go to David and Amandas Place--rn--Open Door--rn--Go to Office--rn--Open Safe--rn--Open safe with code--rn--Read Notebook--rn--put notebook back--rn--Back to the office--rn--Back to the Hallway--rn--Leave House--rn--Back to Map--rn--Prev Map--rn--Go to the Physio or The Gym--rn--Go to the Physio--rn--Go to Reception-- rn--Look Right--rn--Go down Hallway--rn--Go into office--rn--9--rn--5--rn--1--rn--7--rn--Enter--rn--Look at Wall--rn--Turn on switch-- rn(I hope its a two way mirror and not just a window)rn(Great. The ending was a nice surprise because it was different but I can`t say I cared for it. I realy like the game but one thing is feel so specal that is how becky talk to me and how she is like a person, i realy like to be with her and talking and etc, that is so interesting but what i feel less good things about is how Amanda turns from good person to evil and pull a gun to my face and then she take all the money and hitt me with gun in my face, that is bad ending. I do not remember the name of the developer for this one, but played this and The Gym and liked both.

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