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Hualālai's structure is denoted by three rift zones: a well-developed one approximately 50° to the northwest, a moderately developed one to the southeast, and a poorly developed one trending northwards about 3 mi (5 km) east of the summit.

There are over 100 cinder and spatter cones arranged along these rift zones.

ISIS has demonstrated its ability to adapt and rebound from losses and still retain influence, particularly in undergoverned pockets of western Iraq and eastern Syria.

i, following Kīlauea and the much larger Mauna Loa.

The area near the volcano has been inhabited for centuries by Hawaiian natives, dating back to before recorded history.

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Both groups threaten Western interests in Yemen and have conducted attacks on Huthi, Yemeni government, and Saudi-led coalition targets.

A key component of PLA strategy in a regional contingency is planning for potential U..

The region has also produced a small but concerning number of ISIS supporters who have traveled to fight in the Middle East.

Al-Qa’ida and its extremist allies also remain active in Libya.

How successful this messaging will be is not clear because ISIS built its reputation and realized recruitment growth based on its military success and territorial gain.Once Mosul is captured, Iraqi forces are likely to focus on clearing the remaining ISIS pockets of territory.