Scripture dating while separated

17-Jul-2017 22:02

This is one of the greatest proof-texts for why the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming cannot be the same event.Paul, in Corinthians 15, is the very first to tell us of the Rapture of the Church, and lets us know that it is a “mystery” revealed by God to him alone which he then was charged with teaching the Church.Now, how can the Rapture and the Second Coming possibly be the same?Read Joel 3 for more on the ferocity and woefulness of the Second Coming.Paul calls the Rapture of the Church the “day of Christ”. The day of Christ is to be looked forward to, the Day of the Lord to be feared.If you are someone who believes the Bible, then I could stop this article right here as I have established my case well beyond the shadow of doubt, reasonable or otherwise.Paul stresses repeatedly that one of the incredible benefits of being taken out in the Rapture is that you get to miss the entire wrath of the Great Tribulation.

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This is why Paul commands Timothy to teach people how to “rightly divide” their Bibles to know which of the three groups God is speaking to at any given time.

The apostle Paul, who the Holy Spirit used to write that doctrine, also viewed it as a secret, he called it a “mystery”.