Rebecca budig dating

25-Oct-2017 00:21

"When I worked with him," Budig says, "everyone and their mother and their dog was in love with Josh, from men to, like, small children. One side note about this Wisp concept: Way back in the mid-'90s, when the Ministry couldn't even imagine what a blog might be, we had to scare up a single-use toothbrush for Melanie Griffith before she appeared on Rosie O' Donnell's talk show, which was shooting on location at Universal Studios Hollywood. But back then, delivering a single-use toothbrush for a star smoocher in need required the Ministry to first, um, less felonious -- and hey, don't mention that stolen-toothbrush thing to Melanie, OK?

He's just an incredible guy." And below, that's Budig with Jackie Joyner Kersee in 1997. Credits, from top: Heidi Gutman / ABC; Virginia Sherwood / ABC; Tom Gannam / CBS. If you want to read more Ministry dispatches that mention Josh Duhamel, click here.

Bob and I couldn't stay married but we love each other enough to stay friends, and I like showing that's possible. TV Guide Magazine: And now you're wed to Michael Benson.

They say, "Meet me at the restaurant." And I'm, like, "No!

He's got a job on the east coast now so we have a place in Connecticut.

What they should have done was bring back Danny Cosgrove, who is amazing.

-- the Colgate Wisp single-use toothbrush, a gizmo Budig says she discovered during her bicoastal commuting days.

If you want to get in on the spirit of the big smooch, check out the video on Livestream tonight, and make sure to pucker up for midnight -- when it hits in the Central time zone.

But this Hayden, man, I'm really trying to wrap my head around this one." explains Budig.Follow the Ministry of Gossip on Twitter (we're @LATcelebs).