Planetside players not updating

28-Jan-2018 10:24

There are also other users that can help you or answer your questions if I am not there.

Click here for more information about the DA discord Planet Side 2 Subreddit Emerald also has their own Discord: by 50SHADESOFPURPLE on Oct 10, 2016 PMTwitch changed the rules for interacting with their API. Also added a single page to find streams and eventually see information about players who claim their streams. claimer: by 50SHADESOFPURPLE on Sep 17, 2016 PMMade some software updates today to the server that should provide some noticeable speed boosts, in general, to the website.

And then towards the end of the beta period, we're discussing opening it up to a much broader group of players." Is there a cut off date for when people can sign up? It's nice to see the support that's there," Worley said.

SOE will keep the sign-ups for Planet Side 2's Closed Beta open. "That's why towards the end of our beta, we really want to open it as broad as we can.

“The #ps2onps4 dev and operations teams are still here and working to resolve it.

Of course, there are still plenty of questions regarding the beta, so we sat down with Planet Side 2 Executive Producer Clint Worley and asked the questions you wanted the answers to.