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They then opened a large bag of super-hot 200,000 scoville units red bird's eye chilies and pushed them inside woman's privates - causing agonising pain from the hot spices.

Horrifying pictures show the woman being held down by her head, arms and legs as she writhes in agony with red fleshy seeds from inside the peppers smeared across her body and the bedsheets.

On the final day of the inquest held at the coroner’s court, Dacre and other Mail executives had lunch with Sir Paul Condon, then Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, "who very eloquently told me they were as guilty as sin".

Four of the five suspects had never provided any alibi for their whereabouts on the night of Stephen Lawrence's murder and they invoked the privilege against self incrimination to avoid giving evidence and exposing themselves to cross examination.

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The expectant mother and four friends followed Chien to a motel before bursting in on him with her love rival in Thai Nguyen province, northeast Vietnam.

Dacre's most prominent newspaper campaign was in 1997, against the suspects who were acquitted of the murder in 1993 of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence.I don’t see how anybody can go to America, work there for six years and not be enthralled by the energy of the free market.America taught me the power of the free market, as opposed to the State, to improve the lives of the vast majority of ordinary people.But let's share something that should be shared to see the truth, and do not talk bad about people.'Police said no complaint had been made from the alleged victim but prosecutors said Ly Chanel could be fined if police charge her.

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A pregnant wife who caught her husband cheating punished his mistress by ramming chili peppers into her vagina.