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Part of the problem is that I went in with wrong expectations.

The World’s End is a very different movie than Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead.

It’s genuinely concerned with a theme that echoes through the ages: “Where did the past go?

” Again, the film isn’t coy about any of this—it references King Arthur, for instance, and its setting descends from and fetishizes the medieval.

And if he is happier and healthier by the film’s end, it’s because he finds himself in a very different world. It may be because I’m currently reading a lot of medieval English poetry, but I see The World’s End as a deliberate evocation of Anglo-Saxon poems like “The Wanderer.” Its mood is deliberately somber, melancholic—elegiac.

It’s a funny transition, to be sure, but it’s funny, and more than a little bleak—our hero’s a drug addict, something the film doesn’t want us to forget. only to be replaced by an image of what he’s doubtlessly thinking about: a beautiful shot of a beautiful pint of golden beer, over which Wright applies the title: “The World’s End.” And for King, that’s true: beer is the world’s end. King begins the film a tragic character, his many flaws all apparent. Everyone else is glad to have left it behind, and now thinks him mad—a loser unable to function in the world of 2013. The film’s plot kicks off when King escapes from the center in order to reassemble the old teenage gang.

As others continue speaking, King zones out, lost in his memories . King’s biggest mistake, his error, is that he never moved on, never shaped up, never got with the program—he never grew up. Peter, Oliver, Steven, and Andy’s respective surnames—Page, Chamberlain, Prince, and Knightley—provide the first indication that there might be some merit to King’s decidedly anachronistic ways.

I know that this sounds completely counter-intuitive, but it works.

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The French love a bit of poetic language, so quote some idiomatic French expressions on your dates to get yourself fluent in the language of love. What prevents our reading the film as a medieval tale, however, is how easy it is to dismiss King as a serious character.