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05-Dec-2017 08:32

[Read: The real reason behind why men drool watching two girls kiss] #2 They want a taste of the “forbidden” fruit. And to them, some girl on girl action may be the closest they can get to the thrill of it.Since lesbians *though not so much anymore* are taboo in many cultures, men tend to get addicted to the feeling that they’re doing something wrong.When they get to see all of the things they lust for being brought to life, it gets their engines fired up way more![Read: 9 easy ways to know if you could be bi-curious] #5 They feel extra naughty watching it. The notion that a woman watching lesbian porn is wrong just makes it feel that much more right. For you newbie lesbian porn watchers, or for those of you looking for some new stuff, have a look at some of these tasteful and popular sites.The fact is that it is just way hotter to get yourself off to some attractive women getting it on than it is to watch some hairy, over-enthusiastic dude bumping uglies with a gorgeous woman.Now, this is not a topic of discussion that you’ll sit around the office chatting about because let’s get real, it’s still fairly taboo to talk openly about. You may feel odd – especially you straight girls out there – for finding some ladies getting it on to be really sexy. For whatever reason, most people out there get increasingly turned on by this phenomenon, and I’m here to do some of the explaining as to why.These men are probably in committed, and even happy, relationships.Watching lesbian porn lets them live in the fantasy of having two girls all over him, without jeopardizing anything else in his life.

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It’s really hard to stay in the mood when you’re watching a man degrading and insulting a woman on screen.Not much else turns a man on more than realizing he’s watching something that can make him better in bed.

Ever since breaking up with Kim Kardashian, it has been established that Reggie Bush has a type.… continue reading »

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Perhaps they should change their statuses to “home-wreckers” and “selfish jerks.” 8. From there, they are matched according to genetic compatibility. Don’t worry though, it’s still entertainingly weird.… continue reading »

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