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we are broken.'Changing our doctrine of marriage is a schismatic move that will cause serious harm to our unity and future relationship with our sisters and brothers throughout the Anglican Communion.'Same-sex marriage became law in Scotland in 2014.In January last year the American branch of the Anglican Communion was sanctioned over its views on marriage and homosexuality.In approving the proposal, church members voted to remove the doctrinal clause which stated that marriage is a 'union of one man and one woman'.It was replaced with a 'conscience clause' which states: 'In the light of the fact that there are differing understandings of the nature of marriage in this church, no cleric of this church shall be obliged to conduct any marriage against their conscience.'A two-thirds majority was required in each house of Bishops, Clergy and Laity for the measure to be accepted.No matter your kinky desires regarding the porn movies, this section of taboo videos will definitely suit your needs.Watch crazy vintage porn videos and new ones as well and delight yourself with forbidden sex and hot women.A meeting of Anglican primates in Canterbury reached an agreement on measures against the US Episcopal Church, which a statement said had made a 'fundamental departure from the faith and teaching' by endorsing gay marriage.

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Under the terms of the vote, clergy who do not wish to preside over same-sex weddings will not be compelled to do so 'against their conscience'.