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In the study, researchers asked 30 adults who were beginning to show signs of a cold, to name 10 places they’d touched in their homes over the previous 18 hours.

The researchers then tested those areas for cold viruses.

When you turn on the jets, the germy water spouts out into the tub where you're soaking.

Aside from that, regular hand-washing is the best way to protect yourself against these germs.One had levels of germs five times higher than that found on a toilet seat.Quick fix to banish bacteria: Wash your hands before and after using your computer.“Bacteria like the moist area and grow on it.” If the germs from your own mouth weren’t enough to contaminate your toothbrush, the germs from your toilet certainly are. Gerba, Ph D, of the University of Arizona Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science, found that flushing the toilet sends a spray of bacteria- and virus-contaminated water droplets into air.

These germs, he found, can float around in the bathroom for at least two hours after each flush before landing on surfaces -- including your toothbrush.

A recent study found staphylococcus bacteria in 26% of the tubs tested.

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