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01-Oct-2017 18:58

Another notable feature is its reminder option, which lets couple share a list of events, birthdays, anniversaries and appointments, to prevent them from forgetting any important dates.Additionally, members can also use the app to share their location – a particularly useful function for couples who have moved to a new city, or simply if they want to surprise their other half.2gether is currently free to download exclusively for Android devices.

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it seems like every women I start to chat with wants to go on email or my phone text then their profile says their from some where in the states one I start chatting with them I find out their in another country n trying to get me to send them money this site is full of scammers Hi,been on Mingle2 dating site for four days, and it is full of scammers!! If the questioner from Toronto could not get a SINGLE date even response, how is it she had SO MANY DATES and again husband but no real names and photos as proof.3rd woman looks mexican, her home town says "some town somewhere in central california" and in her profile "NOT here to date or email, just enjoy the forums"4th woman same woman from Alaska, same exact sentencing, this time adding marriage but again, no real name no photo evidence together. Try to contact these people who claim the site is legit, who've dated actual people.

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information at Dating Sites we shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy. ANYONE CLAIMING MINGLE2 ARE LEGIT ARE LIARS AND FRAUDSTERS.